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About Generation Aged Care Advice

Megan McGrath & Graham Jenkin began Generations Personal & Professional Advice in 2007 to provide specialised retirement and wealth protection solutions to the local’s of Albury Wodonga. Soon after, Megan found herself being sought by locals, to provide longer term financial solutions and advice to retirees needing to enter Residential Aged Care.

Megan McGrathSince this time, Megan has developed an affinity with this very specialised area of advice. Providing advice in the area of Aged Care requires a unique set of problem solving and communication skills. Megan has the required technical knowledge in a variety of areas to enable her and her team to provide truly comprehensive retirement accommodation solutions incorporating:

Megan has developed solid relationships with Aged Care Providers in Riverina NSW & North East Victoria and has arrangements for additional technical support with various government and private bodies in relevant areas.

Whilst Megan shows empathy, understanding and respect to families and their loved ones during the process of providing advice, she is not emotionally connected to the situation and can provide much needed personalised and unbiased solutions.

As a result of this growing need in the market, we have decided to position our services under an additional specialist trading name, Generations Aged Care Advice. This additional trading name, will allow us to better promote our aged care related services specifically to the market.

Megan will continue to provide financial advice under the Generations Personal and Professional Advice banner, however will provide specialist Aged Care Advice Services under the newly established Generations Aged Care. She can be contacted at our Wodonga office to meet at a time that is convenient.

All other specialist financial advice will be managed under our existing trading name, Generations Personal and Professional Advice.

I was so happy we were introduced to Megan.  Learning aged care terminology and processes was like learning another language! 
Megan helped us negotiate a position for Mum at Westmont in Baranduda, not only this but she helped us understand the
fees and could show us how Mum could afford the care she needed.  As Megan was unemotionally attached, she could look
at the situation clearly and significantly reduced the stress associated with placing Mum into aged care.
Marianne Koenig