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What we do...

Our service is designed to provide tailored financial solutions to regional families in relation to their longer term accommodation and care needs. We can assist with once only tasks such as form completion or can provide a more comprehensive solution for your family. In any case, we offer an initial meeting (at our cost) to enable you to be sure that we can assist you with your queries and concerns.

  • How do we keep the family informed?

    • “I don't want my family to feel as though I’m taking over the arrangements for mum. Although I’m the one that mum depends upon, I want them to know that I’m doing the right thing by her”.

      Before beginning any work, we encourage a family meeting to ensure that everybody is 'on the same page'. This provides an environment whereby all concerns can be addressed in a neutral and objective environment.

      Family outside the area can skype or phone in to ensure all members are involved.

  • What are the options?

    • “I don't really understand how it all works. Mum's showing signs of needing some sort of assistance at home, but I don’t know what her options are”.

      Whether it be Home Care, Residential Care or other arrangements such as Granny Flat’s or Retirement Villages, we encourage you to consider and plan for the longer term care needs rather than just the immediate need.

      Planning for the (often) unavoidable move to some sort of care arrangement will mean that when the time comes, you can look after mum knowing that the financial arrangements are all under control and there wont be any surprises.

  • How do we help you decide on the best option?

    • “Mum really wants to stay at home, but she's been given an assessment as needing Residential Care”

      Fees and Costs (entry, exit and ongoing) associated with each of the options must be considered. However, other aspects that should be considered are also, the actual care provided, social aspects of the arrangement and the distress caused when moving from one arrangement to another.

  • What are the financial implications?

    • “How much will Mum's care cost?”

      We can show you the options you have in paying for your care. We can show you how cash flow will be affected by the costs of care. We can illustrate the implications of the various options on Centrelink/DVA entitlements and the estate.

  • Assets and Income – How are these assessed?

    • “What affect does assets and income have on the cost of care?”

      We can assist with strategies designed to reduce assessable assets and income in order to minimise fees. We can cashflow different scenarios to show the results of the different options available to you. We can provide you with strategies designed to maximise the estate.

  • What legal arrangements do we need to consider?

    • “Mum's got a will – why does it need reviewing?”

      Having, or not having, “mental capacity” can affect the ability to make valid legal arrangements. A person's Will should be reviewed in light of assets that maybe earmarked for a particular beneficiary eg. The family home. We can provide a recommendation to an Estate Planner who will review the Will in light of the ongoing care arrangements to be made.

  • Centrelink/DVA – How will these be affected?

    • “Will mum lose her Age Pension if we sell the house or other assets?”

      We can show you how government entitlements will be affected in each of the care options that you have available. We can also provide advice on strategies to help maximise these entitlements.

  • Can the fees be negotiated?

    • “Mum really wants to go to a particular facility, but she can't afford the accommodation payment that I've seen on the My Aged Care website.”

      We can negotiate on your behalf with your preferred care facility to potentially reduce the accommodation payment. There is no fee for this service if we cannot negotiate a reduction in this payment.

  • What are the ongoing services?

    • “Mum's getting forgetful and I hate having to deal with Centrelink”.

      We can deal with Centrelink on your mum’s behalf to ensure that Centrelink is kept up to date as to your mum’s financial position. This is important to ensure that her aged pension and aged care fees and charges are paid/billed or charged at the correct rate.

  • How do can we simplify the move?

    • “I'm really busy and work and don’t have the time, energy or expertise to do the paperwork for mum’s new care arrangements. If I look after mum, can you please look after the financial aspects needed to get her into care?”

      We can work with you to prepare and navigate the often complex documentation required to get your mum's care in place as soon as possible. However, it is important to note, that we are unable to act as a power of Attorney for you or your parent and as a result, the finalisation of all paperwork will remain your responsibility and must be approved by you.

Megan provided both professional and compassionate help in the daunting process of moving into Aged Care.  She was very
informative and helpful, explaining the financial and entry process into the Aged Care facility we had chosen.  Megan’s
knowledge and hard work was appreciated, we would definitely recommend her to family and friends.
Ken and Yvonne